Educational Materials

If you are interested in learning more about the importance of biodiversity and the grasslands ecosystem, feel free to check out this collection of educational videos, webinars, articles, and other helpful resources below. In addition, take a look at the How to Help tab to read about specific actions you can take to benefit the Georgia grasslands and local environment.

How to Help

Elaine Nash Piedmont Prairie Project

Check out this link to read about Elaine Nash who found an in-tact Piedmont Prairie on the State Botanical Garden of Georgia property

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Piedmont Prairie Parternship

Watch this video to learn about the Piedmont Prairie Partnership's efforts to bring back Piedmont prairies

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Saving Grasslands in the Southeast

Learn more about Southeastern Grasslands Initiative's efforts to restore and rebuild grasslands through this WUTC stream

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Cues of Care, Helping People See Plants in Georgia

Read this blog post, written by SciCon member Jennifer Ceska, for the Southeastern Grassland Initiative

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Where to Find & How to Recognize Grasslands?

Read this article from the Southeastern Grasslands Initiative to learn where to find and how to recognize grasslands

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Using Fire and Grazing to Maintain Productive and Ecologically Resilient Grasslands

Check out this webinar to learn about the effects of grazing and fire on grassland wildlife

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Strategic Mowing for Meadows

Read this document from the State Botanical Garden of Georgia to learn more about strategic mowing, a form of habitat restoration that helps to reduce invasive species

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Determinants of Non-breeding Bird Use of Powerline Rights of Way

Take a look at this research document by Emma Bay Dickinson from the University of Georgia about the use of Powerline Rights of Way by wildlife

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Writing Prescriptions for Prairies

Check out this document from the State Botanical Garden of Georgia about the Science and Conservation team's priority to restore and conserve Georgia's Piedmont Prairies.

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Building a Program for Prairie Restoration Expertise at SBG

Click on the link below to view a timeline of the State Botanical Garden's journey to building a prairie restoration program

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The Grassland Ecosystem

Check out this educational video from The Wild Report to learn more about the grassland ecosystem

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Why Is Biodiversity So Important?

Watch this video from TED-ed as Kim Preshoff explains the importance of biodiversity

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