Help us find grassland plant species! Go wildflower hunting on roadsides, rights of way, and old fields. Perhaps you have some of these species in your yard? We are looking for plant species that occur on the land naturally, not planted. We need your help finding the relict prairie plants before it is too late. Many are hanging on in sites that need more sun. Thankfully many of these species can live over 100 years. We want to find these plants, map them, and work with partners to make plans to restore their habitats. Check out the Georgia Grasslands Initiative (GGI) iNaturalist project page to help!

Project Page

Local Challenges

We need your help. Take on these challenges and tasks listed in the How to Help tab to conserve grassland plants and habitats, as well as the animals that depend on them for survival. These tasks include buying native plants, getting rid of invasive plants, finding value in roadsides, planting the Georgia pollinator plants of the year, and more.

How to Help

Adult Programs

Adult programs include earning a Certificate in Native Plants, obtaining Connect to Protect Certification, attending garden symposia throughout the year, and participating in garden and nature rambles through the garden.

Adult Programs

UGA Programs

College students at the University of Georgia have the opportunity to participate in the Learning by Leading program as well as other internship and research opportunities.

Learning by LeadingConservation Education

Family Activities

An array of programs and activities for children and families can be found on the State Botanical Garden of Georgia website and in the GGI Activities page.

SBG ActivitiesGGI Activities