There is a difference in planting seeds that are native to the Southeastern US and those that are native to Georgia. Directly sown seeds do germinate and grow in the northern third of our state, but they may take years to first bloom. Most sites have degraded soils and long weed pressures, so considering planting small plugs if there are multiple wildflowers being planted could be beneficial, especially if you are inter-planting into an old field or a semi-natural space on your land. 

Plant plugs are seedlings which have previously been germinated, and can be transported to another pot or garden. You can grow your own or purchase them from a nursery, which is helpful if the germination process is lengthy. Plant plugs are important because they help improve the plant’s durability by increasing their chances of fighting pests and drought. They are also helpful to newer gardeners that aren’t as familiar with plant care. Plugs are more expensive than buying seeds, but there is much less care necessary upfront.